I really love this one. One of the blocks is similar to a skylight I saw in a building last year.




Not sure about the border, looks a bit heavy for my taste but there’s a certain appeal about the design.


It’s a nice change to have some time to play around in Electic Quilt. A nice pink quilt for a change too!

Been busy working and when I’m not working I’ve been trying to quilt my Blue Gum Challenge Quilt which I should have finished shortly; fingers crossed.

It’s a cool winter’s day here and perfect for a bit of computer catch up.



I thought I might look at a red and white option as well because there’s still quite a bit of interest. I think the black and white has more of an impact though.  Perhaps some more detail in the border would suit too!


TTchallNot much time for designing, sewing or quilting these last few months. I brought a tea towel back with me last year and have been giving some thought to what to do with it. One option is of course a quilt. Here’s something I’ve been playing with.




Yesterday I put the final border on my Orca Bay Quilt. The border pieces were assembled and ready for me almost 12 months ago but I needed to complete some more of my blue string sashing strips first. Wouldn’t you know it, I miscalculated and now have quite a few left over as well. I’m loving this design, it really is an eye catching quilt. I did have to buy quite a lot of fabric for this quilt, especially as I was given some of the blue string blocks and wanted the same colour hues through the design. I’ve never owned a lot of blues!



Since returning from last year’s trip I can honestly say I’ve been so busy with outside work I haven’t really had a lot of time for quilt designing. In December I finally managed to complete my Blue Gum Challenge using whatever snippets of time I could manage. I will have to say sewing the hexagons for the final border took almost as long as the rest of the quilt. I am very pleased with the results. Initially I was going to put hexagons right around the outside of the quilt but when I started assembling and laying a few of them out for a ‘viewing’ I didn’t like the result – they were just too ‘heavy’ for the design of the quilt.


Here’s my completed flimsy, I have now basted the layers together ready to quilt but I’m finding a little bit of piecing time a lot easier to achieve than a little bit of quilting time. I’m looking forward to a quieter time in a few weeks.





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