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A gift for the toddler son of a family friend.











The completed quilt.



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I decided to make one of these in my favourite style; scrappy. I have been working on it for some months now. It is a birthday gift for one of my sisters who loves orange. It will fit on her queen size bed beautifully. I must admit I’m quite taken with it.




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Arcs Baby Quilt

I was gifted three unwanted arcs and decided to make a small quilt to practice some quilting.


After I’ve finished admiring and patting it I will probably donate it to the local hospital to cover a new baby.

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Another finish. This is my second baby quilt prepared ‘in advance’ so to speak. When I hear the happy news from one of my nieces or nephews I’ll be prepared. I did give more than a casual thought to making more of these and trying them out on Etsy.  Anybody have have luck there?

Now back to some slicing and dicing, you know serious stuff! lol

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Finally finished the quilt for my great nephew Xavier. I’ve taken a picture and popped the quilt in the post yesterday, hopefully to arrive tomorrow afternoon in Brisbane. There’s a further surprise for him as well …. the book!

The centre is a panel purchased as part of a kit but I’ve had to make the quilt  larger with extra borders as it was quite small. It looks great and the orange binding really sets it off too!

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The binding is on and I’ve had it on the bed to admire it. I just love this quilt.

Made from offcuts from backings and borders and many, many ugly fabrics. I would say I am a collector of ugly fabrics. They call out to me from the discount table. I bring them home and wash them and lovingly press and play with them and then put them into a pile which just grows and grows. Then along comes Katy with her scrap quilt Technicolour Yawn and now I have a beautiful and I really mean beautiful scrap quilt. I will say I did add a couple of fabrics which weren’t ugly but they were needed for colour variety. The only fabric purchased was for the binding. It was on sale in May and I thought it might make a nice neutral binding and it does. This was an easy quilt to make and well worth the effort. It is a long quilt but I wish I had make it wider too! I’ve been putting it across the bed instead of along it. Our new bed arrives on the week-end so I’ll see how it looks then.

Thanks Katy!


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Quilt Finish

I don’t have a name for it but the binding is now on and I am very happy. I feel I am past crawling around on the floor basting a queen size quilt, so off  it went to the commercial quilter and I’m one very happy girl. This was originally a design from Helen at Logan’s a few years ago. I didn’t have enough fabrics to make this a decent sized quilt but recently I noticed Berrima Patchwork had a few fabrics left in the range and invested in a little bit extra to make this a 4 block x 4 block quilt. Black quilters’ muslin as the foil for the brights and it looks great. Thanks to  Christy for the quilting. It is now a special quilt not just a top.

It is a simple block to make, the trick is a partial seam. The idea is of course to show off the fabulous fabrics.

and a little bit of a close up. Colours are close but  not perfect.

Tomorrow I’m off to pick up my Technicolour Yawn quilt too. Oh I can hardly wait. Oh it’s great to add links in WordPress when you want to. That’s 4 I’ve added today!

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