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Still merrily quilting away. Hope to have it fully finished this week.

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My completed block. I really enjoyed drawing up my own quilting designs with the wreathmaker option in EQ as well.

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Star Bouquet

Here’s my completed block showing my quilting designs.

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Sometimes the eye just needs somewhere to rest!

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I have purchased a few quilting stencils over the years but admit I don’t often use them as they’re often more trouble than they’re worth. My recent experience only confirms my thoughts. I tend towards ‘no-mark’  free motion quilting for a reason, however, on my Camborne quilt I felt something more formal  was required. I have one large feather and cable quilting stencil and though it was a bit small I thought I would draw it up in EQ and enlarge it to suit my border. When I bought the stencil some years ago the shop didn’t have the corner stencil available at the time. Anyway off I set to draw it up and print if off in EQ and started stitching away. I knew the shop had the corner stencils available now and thought I’d finish quilting the border up to the corner and then pop down to the shop and pick up the corner stencil when I needed it.

I got the stencil home and drew it up in EQ. I couldn’t get it to work no matter what I did to it. I turned and flipped it but could see there was no way this thing was every going to work. I thought I might have even stitched the design facing out instead of in but I’m still not sure about that, I’m sure I followed the picture on the stencil. What to do, what to do? A couple of disturbed nights sleep later I thought I’d just have to make the best of it and decided to just continue the cable and overlap the feathers to cover the ends of the cables. It works, it may not be a flowing design but it works for me.

This is the original stencil design.

This is what I came up with.

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Last week I was lucky enough to attend a two day thread painting workshop with Pam Holland. Pam is from South Australia and is usually working overseas for 10 months of the year. This is Pam’s ‘year off’ so we were lucky to have her in the country and even luckier to have her come to Sydney to teach.

We had to find an image of a pair of shoes we liked.  I found this quite a difficult task and spent far more time than I had anticipated searching for something which appealed to me. Either there was only one shoe, or there were feet in them or the images were too small and poor quality. I finally found a pair I was pleased with.

I found learning a new technique makes you a ‘complete beginner’. There is so much to learn! I’ve started some stitching but there is still so much more to be done. I’m pleased with it so far. The black lines you see are Frixion pen. I was having trouble seeing the colour graduations easily and thought I’d try my new Frixion pen as they are supposed to ‘disappear’ with heat. Unfortunately I don’t have time to work on this little quilt at the moment because I’m still working on quilting my Camborne Quilt – my deadline is fast approaching.

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This week I’ve basted my completed Camborne quilt top and have started designing some wreath quilting ideas in EQ. The wreathmaker tool is great for this when you get the hang of it. The final block designs are bit different from my initial plan but I’m very pleased with the design.

As it’s a sampler quilt I thought different quilting designs in each block would be fine.

This is my Queen of the May block and my completed quilting design.

Next block and my quilting design, it is a sun compass or sunflower or what? Can’t remember any more.

Finally the quilting I designed for the Flying Geese Blocks. I’m hoping the quilting designs for the pieced blocks will be as appropriate.

My final design layout. I’ve quilted the flying geese strips and two of the circular blocks, as above and I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment.

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