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So here’s what my blocks will look like. Unfortunately I can’t photograph the pieces on a black background as the colours just fade away. You get the general idea though, looks pretty good. The dark green is a little darker then I would like on the black background but as I’m trying to work from stash that’s it! I’m being lazy and trying to turn the pieces over freezer paper. Some of the pieces are sticking to the fabric – I forgot to stick them to the shiny side of the freezer paper didn’t I. Not sure if it’s worth the effort, there’s a lot of basting involved as well.


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The binding is on and I’ve had it on the bed to admire it. I just love this quilt.

Made from offcuts from backings and borders and many, many ugly fabrics. I would say I am a collector of ugly fabrics. They call out to me from the discount table. I bring them home and wash them and lovingly press and play with them and then put them into a pile which just grows and grows. Then along comes Katy with her scrap quilt Technicolour Yawn and now I have a beautiful and I really mean beautiful scrap quilt. I will say I did add a couple of fabrics which weren’t ugly but they were needed for colour variety. The only fabric purchased was for the binding. It was on sale in May and I thought it might make a nice neutral binding and it does. This was an easy quilt to make and well worth the effort. It is a long quilt but I wish I had make it wider too! I’ve been putting it across the bed instead of along it. Our new bed arrives on the week-end so I’ll see how it looks then.

Thanks Katy!


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I was hoping to have fabrics in my stash bright enough to make one of these. I’ve always thought the impact of a quilt with a black background just stunning. I don’t think my fabrics look as good as this though! I’m cutting out a few pieces and trialling them. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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Another softer colour option. Not sure about border option one, although it does mirror elements of the block it seems rather busy. If I was going to make this quilt I would definitely go with border number two. It seems to frame the design and not overpower it.

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At the recent exhibition of  red and white quilts at the American Folk Art Museum this was one of the quilts that caught my eye. As everyone knows the red and white combo is a favourite of mine, so there were several of course! lol


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It has taken some time for my creativity (some people call it mojo) to return after the hectic pace of the first few months of this year. I’m getting there, slowly, very slowly.

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Quilt Finish

I don’t have a name for it but the binding is now on and I am very happy. I feel I am past crawling around on the floor basting a queen size quilt, so off  it went to the commercial quilter and I’m one very happy girl. This was originally a design from Helen at Logan’s a few years ago. I didn’t have enough fabrics to make this a decent sized quilt but recently I noticed Berrima Patchwork had a few fabrics left in the range and invested in a little bit extra to make this a 4 block x 4 block quilt. Black quilters’ muslin as the foil for the brights and it looks great. Thanks to  Christy for the quilting. It is now a special quilt not just a top.

It is a simple block to make, the trick is a partial seam. The idea is of course to show off the fabulous fabrics.

and a little bit of a close up. Colours are close but  not perfect.

Tomorrow I’m off to pick up my Technicolour Yawn quilt too. Oh I can hardly wait. Oh it’s great to add links in WordPress when you want to. That’s 4 I’ve added today!

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