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In this version the petals have been extended to the outside edge but the centre remains the same. You can see more of a secondary pattern emerging between the blocks.tu2lopetsmcen

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One of a several with slight differences to the size of the petals and centres. This one has a short petal and small centre.tu1shpetsmlcentreI think it is quite a dramatic design and could be foundation pieced.

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Lone Star Version 2

In this version I used a different applique design also from the EQ5 library. I think it frames the star a lot better and doesn’t overpower the design like the previous version. Not sure I have the patience to make one of these babies though!


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Lone Star

Just a layout of a lone star quilt. I quite like the effect of applique around the outside but in this version it tends to overpower the design. From a distance you don’t even see the star effect – looks like a circular design and yes I drew my star out in EQ5.


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I have always loved the feathered star design and have made one with a free pattern from Quilters Cache, you can click here to see it. Probably for the more experienced patchworker but the instructions are very good.

Now you might say there are feathered designs available in EQ6 so its not too much trouble to design a quilt layout around one but I actually drew mine out in EQ5. I borrowed a book and started on a simple design and worked my way to more complicated designs. I love a challenge, especially an EQ challenge. I have a few variations but haven’t placed all of them in quilt layouts yet.


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Self Portrait

I’ve wanted to do something arty for quite some time and this week the opportunity finally arose. After doing some image maintenance on my pc I came across an image taken almost 2 years ago which I thought might Photoshop alright for a ‘line’ image. You may have seen a tutorial somewhere about how to do that for embroidery or redwork etc. Well I decided to try a few options in Photoshop and came up with this.


After stopping and starting a couple of time I completed the portrait and it isn’t too bad at all really. I feel I added too much detail over my right shoulder which makes it too fussy and I’m not sure about the ‘teeth thing’ but it’s not too shabby for a first attempt.


I’m quite sure I could do better after another attempt. When time permits I may do just that.  Or even a series using different techniques would be interesting.

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Well I couldn’t resist could I? I said I was on a blue and white roll. Here the block is set with dramatic fabric in a simple design for impact. I can’t take my eyes off it – just gorgeous.


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