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You know how it is, you have a design in mind but when you finally look at it, well something  doesn’t look quite right, does it? That sashing is just too wide for the fabric used and overpowers the design.

So I decided to decrease the size of the sashing.


Still not quite right, so I decided to reduce the size of the sashing again.


Yes I’m much happier with this design now. Who would have thought sashing could make such a difference?


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I really like the drama of the dark fabric.

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Once again the same fabrics.


I thought sashing might make a difference to the way this quilt looks. I can’t decide, they both look good to me.

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I’m still liking these fabrics.

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If only I had more time in my week, what a gal I’d be but I’m just a mere mortal. Hope you enjoy my post today.

I’m also trying to do a little sewing at the same time, something I don’t seem to do a lot of any more . On the up side though I’ve got some moneytso spend on some upcoming workshops in my area and I’m taking full advantage of the opportunity. One with Pam Holland and hopefully another with Gloria Loughman. I’m so looking forward to them.

I enjoyed a sewing day with a friend today, just some simple machine piecing but I really enjoy some basic straight line sewing and chatting with a friend.

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Choices Quilt

Something about this one I really like.

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Mona Vale Today

This morning when I left for work  it was a chilly nine degrees where I live, it was even much cooler earlier. I was working at Mona Vale and took this photo at the grassy area overlooking the Beach. When I left work it was a beautiful mild and warm winter’s day and the thermometer had risen many degrees by then.

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Perhaps the block in the centre should be smaller.

Or perhaps the central block should be even smaller with something to link the overall design together more.

Yes all very pleasing, it’s hard to pick a favourite really.



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Yesterday I decided I had to get a wriggle on and complete my first Mario because they’re already up to block 3 yikes! My first Mario because I thought I’d make 2 quilts. Very ambitious. Somewhere in one of the posts I read it would take 3 hours to complete the block. I can honestly say mine has taken more than twice that. I was just about finished late in the day when I realised I’d make a mistake. Too many pieces between the legs. Oh well not too serious. I’ve already unpicked them and with a little more stitching Mario should be complete this morning! Yippee!! Then on to the next one. I’m hoping I’ll get faster at the piecing as I go along, fingers crossed.

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