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The first of two variations of the same quilt. I like them both.

Turkey Tracks2

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If you like your quilts a little bit more contemporary in style then this one  is for you. The segments in the blocks follow a different path, albeit a traditional flying geese formation but vastly different from the usual block and the whole design is encompassed in a trailing flying geese border. The border looks great but it isn’t perfect yet – more work to do!


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In this contemporary version I have echoed the spikes in the blocks with spikes in the borders.


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Here is another foundation pieced design. Simple and some might even say repetitive. Some days I just enjoy the whirring sound of the machine doing simple repetitious blocks that require no artistic input whatsoever. I believe it is called a ‘no brainer’ and some days that’s just perfect!


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Something I was working on yesterday. I’d like to make one of these. Love it.


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Here’s another airplane design where the sashing elements really become a major part of the overall design. I really like this one.


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Just a doodle I was working on yesterday.


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I drew one of these


and wanting to improve my drawing skills I have drawn this block to showcase it.


I’m also working on my border skills. Not fabulous but interesting.

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The Airplane and Criss Cross Variation both from the EQ5 library.  I have been thinking about this one for a while.


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Today I have decided to give you a break from my pickle dish series of quilts. I do still have more to come. As you see it is another blue and white quilt drawn in EQ5. I have seen pictures of quilts like this made in red and white and they look really good too. I’ll have to start working on some quilts in different colourways won’t I?


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