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Lone Star V 4


It’s amazing how different things look once the colour has been added. You have an idea in your mind but that’s where the serendipity factor comes into play and things can turn out completely different than you originally envisaged. I suppose the skill of a good designer is being able to run with it and turn it into something extraordinary.

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jacobs-ladderA blue version of this classic quilt.

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Same medallion but with a final dogtooth border for added interest.


I can see I’ll have to make one of these too one day!

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Yesterday I was playing around in a file with a circular design I made a few years ago and came up with this. The black and white seems to add to the visual impact of the design and I really like this one. If I didn’t have so many wip’s I may have started on one of these already!


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In this one I used the golden yellow for the whole design. It gives the quilt a sparkle.


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A low contrast design with an alternate block I designed. This quilt was designed in EQ5 and is set on point. This is something I would like to make one day.


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This is a foundation pieced compass with a foundation pieced square in a square border. Eventually my plan is to have some designs in PDF format for download – when I figure out how to do it that is and when I have the time.


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A strippy quilt design with the blocks available in EQ5. I did add a few leaves to my vines to complete the quilt.


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Today’s picture is of 6 of my completed blocks. Woo hoo that’s 6 down and 3 to go. The overall design looks smaller than I anticipated. I’m getting anxious to have this one completed.

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Here is a variation of yesterday’s block. I’ve only completed this layout at the moment. As you see I am still drawn to circular designs – can’t stop drawing them and of course red, my favourite colour!


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