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The colours in this quilt brought a flashback of when I was a kid in the bus on my way to school in the morning at Katoomba and seeing the Jamieson Valley completely filled with what looked like white froth.

Misty Sunrise

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I would have to say having a blog has been very good for my designing and indeed drawing skills. I continually strive to improve my EQ abilities and come up with interesting new designs. This is a project I have been working on. The centre block is in the Folk Art Classic Applique Blocks for EQ5/6 and it is called Strawberry Wreath but it actually reminded by of cherries.

Berry Delight

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The weather is unseasonally warm on the eastern coast of Australia at the moment (it is still supposed to be winter) and working with this design in red made me think of another August many many moons ago lol!

Hot August Night

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These blocks are on my Folk Art Applique CD. I did have to repeat one of the blocks twice as there are only 8 on the CD. I’ve made it clickable so you can have a look at a larger version. Cute way of using some interesting fabrics.


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A variation on my framed stars quilt. This was a design that came to me after watching the Moto GP with the ‘cyclist’ recently.

Border 1

Grand Prix Circuit

Border 2 (This one is too busy for my taste but have included it for you anyway. I think it detracts from the actual design.)

Grand Prix Circuit2

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Those little stars are beginning to remind me of bats or birds – not sure how I could incorporate that into a quilt but you never know where you may see them next! lol

Framed Stars

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Most Australian quilters know the name of this quilt. I am working on my drawing skills and decided to use this quilt as a (huge) challenge. Trying something knew always stretches you and I really enjoy pushing myself when it comes to drawing in Electric Quilt. Not finished with it yet but that’s enough for now!


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A follow-on from a previous quilt. All the blocks have the name arrow in them somewhere.


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Just a little respite from the usual series. The days are getting warmer and longer and my mind starts thinking of pretty things. I suppose you could call this a scrap quilt too! I think the applique block is from my folk art applique cd.


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Believe it or not this is a spin-off from my Burgoyne series and some of the bright new fabrics with larger designs would be most suitable. (The colours look pretty wild to me!)

Wild Thing

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