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Hope you like the look of something a bit more contemporary. Not sure if you would actually call these pickle dishes or not but they are drawn using the same basic outline.


They appear to shimmer a bit don’t they?

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Self Portrait

I’ve wanted to do something arty for quite some time and this week the opportunity finally arose. After doing some image maintenance on my pc I came across an image taken almost 2 years ago which I thought might Photoshop alright for a ‘line’ image. You may have seen a tutorial somewhere about how to do that for embroidery or redwork etc. Well I decided to try a few options in Photoshop and came up with this.


After stopping and starting a couple of time I completed the portrait and it isn’t too bad at all really. I feel I added too much detail over my right shoulder which makes it too fussy and I’m not sure about the ‘teeth thing’ but it’s not too shabby for a first attempt.


I’m quite sure I could do better after another attempt. When time permits I may do just that.  Or even a series using different techniques would be interesting.

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