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Been practicing free motion feathers, quite pleased with them.



This is why I’ve been practicing. This was a long-term project I started years ago and I got sick of the pieces lying around my work room so I decided to make it into a small baby size quilt, possibly for the hospital or for a future family addition. It seems the pull of other projects was always too strong and this one just got pushed further and further down the list.



Just sewing the binding on now – woohoo – I’m calling this a success! Love it.

Quilting feathers is a skill I’m always working towards, I have pages and pages filled with varying drawing attempts over the years.


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Lunch Today

We took my mother-in-law out today for a belated mothers’ day lunch. Really nice fish and chips of course. I love being by the water and find it very relaxing.


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I’m still playing around with my file and I quite like this one.



Incidentally Red Wings was the name of my sister’s horse when we were growing up.

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I’ve been drawing ¬†blocks in EQ7 in preparation for beginner lessons. As usual while playing around in EQ7 something else jumped out at me and I came up with this design which I really like.

I thought about making this quilt for the 2015 Quilters Guild of NSW Red and White Quilt Theme Category but unfortunately it’s not red and white and I think the design loses some of its impact when it is in red and white only!



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My Week





This is the view as I walked up to my car from work on Wednesday afternoon, those long autumn afternoon shadows are very distinct. The rain was just spitting a little bit and it was also very windy.

Next are some teaching samples I made this week.





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