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Yes, I like this one too!


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Still not 100% fit at the moment and I’ve been trying to finish off a ufo so I can pack up my patchwork bits and pieces ready to use the dining room for Christmas.

This is the same quilt but with dark blue setting triangles in the bottom version which I think adds some impact to the design but I think they both look great!




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I’ve been working on these pretty little blocks for a little while (probably 3 or more years I guess), an on and off again project. This week-end I made another 13 to put with the collection. Total 53 now. They’re 6″ blocks so I still have a long way to go to make a quilt of any size but I’m really enjoying the scrappy happiness of pink and green. Photo taken inside on a grey day with flash so it’s a little bit fuzzy! I might have to play around with a design idea in EQ very soon.


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Last week when I was feeling much healthier I decided to follow Laura’s lead and attempt some of the wonderful free motion spirals by Sarah Vedeler over on the Free Motion Quilting Challenge at SewcalGal for the November Free Motion Challenge. This challenge has been running all year and although I had wanted to participate and had checked out the blog often, I found I just didn’t have time. Laura’s lovely spirals inspired me to spend the time and have a go.



I had practiced on paper as per instructions and decided to attempt quilting on fabric. As my little scrap squares are 2″ finished I didn’t need to mark my squares and just proceeded to ‘swirl away’. Not perfect but I’m quite pleased with it and I’ve decided to turn it into a little mat for my bedside table. I’ve yet to bind/face it because I don’t have the ‘right’ fabric on hand to complete the task.

The real problem was I was in a hurry to get quilting and couldn’t find my pins for basting so decided, as it was only a very small piece, not to worry. So I ended up with ‘Spirals and Ripples’. Have a closer look at the back and you’ll see what I mean. It actually looks less rippled on the picture lol. In real life those ripples are a little larger and on a small piece very noticeable. Lesson learned there!

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Been sick for a week now and just starting to feel almost human again, in between coughing and sneezing. I think I pulled a muscle I was coughing so hard.

Anyway, here’s another couple of variations for your quilting pleasure.





Don’t you just love how a few clicks of the mouse can give you such a different design!

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Ooh this one is very busy but it’s got impact.


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See if I can get the correct image in my post today. It took me a while but I finally got there.


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Quite a simple design but that leaves plenty of space for detailed quilting doesn’t it?

WordPress has changed the way you add images and it seems to have a mind of its own. Another learning curve to master.


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Another interesting design.


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Interesting with places to showcase some great quilting designs.


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