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Poirot Quilt

Yes, I’m still playing with the theme. Can’t help myself, I love designing blocks in EQ, any style, size or colour.  I even put his tussy-mussy in the corners, applique though as I thought foundation piecing might be too difficult!

Today I re-visited the original block and it definitely will need re-jiggering but for now I’m happy.

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A site I have visited quite often over the years was sewhooked, now called Fandon In Stitches, which has lots and lots of free foundation pieced blocks, including people and accessories from the  Harry Potter movies, Twilight etc and they currently have a Lord of the Rings BOM going on. The blocks, as I understand it, are all free and are all designed by people who just love to share all things foundation pieced. There is a list of requests if you feel inclined to design a block. When I was scrolling through the list yesterday I noticed a request for Poirot, the Belgian detective of Agatha Christie fame and wondered if my skills would be up to the task.

I’ve been working on this but it does need some find tuning. Not too shabby though.

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It seems I’m on a bit of a foundation pieced theme lately. Something quite challenging and somewhat distracting about trying to make the pieces work in this style of piecing! Some might say it’s as difficult to draw them as to sew them as a lot of people don’t find making foundation pieced blocks easy to sew either.

I tried to give this one a tusk but it just wasn’t working. Here it is …  a very small herd of elephants


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Finally a few more warm and sunny days, they have been few and far between lately. Gardens are in full bloom and colours abound.

I’ve been thinking about salad greens and we have been planting seeds in pots.

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After making up a sample and trying out different quilting styles it appears straight line quilting is my preferred option after all. It just seems to complement the design and not overpower it. Funnily enough I thought circles and swirls would be a perfect foyle for all those straight lines but they just look wrong. Just goes to show how important a trial run really is after all.

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Having just downloaded the latest fabric palette for October I’ve been thinking about the Club EQ Challenge for this month, which is to design a quilt using this month’s fabrics. It’s a great opportunity to sit down and play with your software.

Here’s one of my designs I’ve been working on.

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Wendy is a friend at one of the groups I attend. She hasn’t been patching or quilting for very long.

Wendy wants to make a simple lap sized sampler quilt with fabrics she specifically bought for the project and doesn’t wish to purchase any further fabrics; Wendy loves autumn tones and browns. Well, Electric Quilt to the rescue. Scan the fabrics, add them to the sketchbook and play, play, play. I drew up a few blocks which took her fancy and had a look in the block library for others. I actually find it faster to draw simple blocks than to go searching for them.

Wendy loves it and is hoping to have three blocks finished this week. I believe she is thinking of giving it as a gift, if she can bear to part with it.

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