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Those open spaces are pleasing aren’t they?


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Similar to an earlier design but with some open space to rest the eye and perhaps some fancy quilting might be in order.


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I’ve been called in to work for the next few days so unfortunately no sewing for me for a while.

Meanwhile here’s a simple star quilt made with just two blocks, but is it too busy?


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Catching Up

Last week all I managed to sew was this 3″ hexagon. Don’t forget hexagons are measured along the length of one of the sides. Nice but I still have many of these to put together.


A couple of weeks ago my niece rang and said she had a new and larger bed. She asked if she could have a larger quilt to fit it please. Yesterday when I was out and about running errands I happened to drive past a patchwork shop and I came across these fabrics in purple and green, just what she requested. I washed most of them last night.



This morning I have ironed them and I have started cutting and sewing some of these lovely blocks together.



They’re looking good and I can’t wait to stitch more. I’m so wicked starting another project when I have so many others to complete but I new project always makes me feel good!!


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Really this design was just an excuse to play with the latest monthly fabric download from EQ. I’m not quite sure this design does the fabrics justice, probably too many small pieces. I love the Kaffe fabrics but working with large scale prints usually requires large pieces of fabric. Still it is a bright and cheerful quilt so not all bad!


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Yesterday Laura at LC’s Cottage liked the quilt but wasn’t quite sure about the border, so I decided to change the design altogether and make the overall size of the quilt larger. Happy now Laura? 🙂 I know I am!!


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Finally found some time to spend drawing in EQ. Oh EQ I have missed you these last couple of weeks ;-).



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I love black and white designs almost as much as I love red and white designs lol. I’m not quite sure about the border though!


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