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There’s something about the clean lines of this design I find very appealing.

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Same quilt but I decided I wanted more impact in the outer border so I changed it to the darker colour.


I prefer it too!



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Simple design once again.


Then I thought it needed a slight adjustment to make the border more interesting. I quite like it!

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It’s not a favourite design but perhaps if I think of it in different terms it may become more appealing. May be if I thought of it as a ‘masculine’ design I would see it in a very different light!

Why is it you always see the mistake after you push the ‘publish’ button lol. Oh well, not the first time and probably not the last. Think of it as a very personal ‘copyright’ statement.

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I like this one, the secondary design is enhanced by the colour choice!

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Angela over at Cut to Pieces is hosting a Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Yesterday I went out and bought most of the fabrics required. I think I’ll have to make 2 sets though! 2 sons who both think this sounds great. That’s a lot of stitching! I’ve started washing my fabrics and can’t wait to slide a new blade into my rotary cutter. 🙂

Son number 1 thought we needed a Bowser, pictured above, for the quilt but this block is huge, perhaps if I find time I could make one up for the back. Only time will tell!

All requirements are listed and a there’s a Flickr group as well.

Yesterday I was also informed there’s a teacher evening planned for the beginning of October and my contribution needs to be basted and quilted. Oh so many projects and so little time.

Gotta fly, byeee.



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Quilt Dreaming

I’m sick of winter, we’re only halfway through but I’ve had enough. I’ve never been one to appreciate cold weather, I prefer warmth and sunshine. I don’t like skiing or any snow or ice activities. I’m ready for some of this ….

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