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Here is a variation of the same design.

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I’m still struggling with my software. A new operating system always means some adjustment doesn’t it?

On a happier note I picked up 3 of my completed quilts from the long armer (longarmer?) this morning. I find my back just isn’t up to 3 to 5 hours of basting a quilt on the floor any more. I wish I had the space/money for a long arm myself! Of course I’d need the talent and skill as well.

I’ve dropped off another quilt top and should have it back in about a month. Yippee… the piles of backing and wadding/batting are shrinking and I might be able to get into my workroom again soon. I’m calling these my mothers’ day, birthday and Xmas presents.

This design reminded me of circling birds.

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This was also inspired by something I saw on the telly last night, lol. Doesn’t make me hungry though!

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Inspired by something I saw on the telly the other night.

Unfortunately I’m still struggling with my new computer and some of my software is no longer working – very frustrating.

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My computer hard drive has ‘died  on me. Luckily I had backed up (I think)  my files or most of them onto a new portable drive I purchased recently. That’s one  piece of good news and the other is I had previously arranged to purchase a small netbook which hopefully should serve my needs for now. I’m still trying to sort files and programmes and it’s all a bit confusing but I’ll just keep working away at it, after all, as you all know, I love a challenge.

For the moment here’s a design I created in EQ5 until I get my EQ7 installed and running. I’ve already been onto TechHelp at EQ and they have de-activated my EQ7 for me (they’re very helpful) so I just have to load it onto my new netbook and find my photo imaging software etc etc.

This design is something I’m playing around with for the latest Club EQ Challenge.

Hmm, that border treatment is very busy isn’t it?

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Still working on these. The weather is cold and grey and it is nice to sit and stitch.

Ideally I would have preferred a darker green for contrast but these were sitting in the dish ready to go. Not too bad.

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Baby Quilt

Finally I have finished the quilting on the baby quilt. I still have to bind it of course. I’ve purchased some of the red elephant fabric for the binding, should make great contrast and I really like it. In fact the whole range is really lovely, elephants, owls, monkeys and bees. I bought 5 fat quarters and decided on the Chinese Coins design.  To make the most of the fabric I decided to slice the strips into different widths. I have enough left to make another quilt as well. Something else for the to do list!

I was thinking of straight line sewing but I figured, even on a quilt this size, it would probably take me a week to complete it, so loops instead. Still nice and it does add a textural element as well.

Here’s a close-up of the elephants.


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This week I have been working on more hexagons. My total to date is 56. I am trying to steer away from the pink and am  including more gold, green and mauve. Somehow though I still have pink!

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I was lucky enough to have one of my quilt designs chosen to appear in the March/April edition of Quiltmaker magazine.

In fact I made the cover! The quilt was a version of my Marigold Quilt here. I also designed and made a smaller (half size) version in reds and creams for the article as well. Looks very different doesn’t it?

Here’s a close-up of my quilting around the central applique.

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