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A quilt inspired by a previous post on the Kansas Dugout Block. I did say it reminded me of a mosaic design.


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A slightly different block and a simple horizontal layout. Those odd cutouts reminded me of lily pads.


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A pretty quilt in an EQ5 on point medallion- 19 layout.


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Urn Quilt 2

This one is for  virtual quilter who asked to see the urns with a greek key border. I don’t like this one. Too much going on. I have about 55 different options in the file for this quilt so I may show a few different options from time to time. Hope you enjoy it Judy!


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Urn Quilt

Something a little different today. I also like the idea of ginger jars so I will draw one of those up and see what develops from there. I like the idea of a pieced border as well! Some might say …….  ‘dream on’ and that’s what I’m doing lol. I also drew up a greek key design for the border but it’s just too heavy for the design.


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Been playing around with the colour placement of patches in this quilt. Found a nice RJR fabric (‘Afternoon Tea’)  for the sashings and a Jinny Beyer (jacaranda blue) for my little sashing diamonds. It seems to be pulling me into more of a cool colourway than I had anticipated but I just keep cutting and auditioning and it seems to be looking good.


Someone suggested the pieced border and although I had previously dismissed the idea I have cut some small pieces and am contemplating the idea of about 2,500 tiny patches. If I find the idea too daunting I suppose I could always turn what patches I have into a mini quilt!

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A medallion quilt that has been in the works for some time. I like this design and intend to make one of these one day.


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Something I have been working on for a while – still not 100% happy with the colours.


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Here is one of my blocks so you can see the actual colours and then a proposed layout option. The fabric has orange dragonflys and green leaves on it and with the royal blue background it is stunning.



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Another colourway of yesterday’s quilt and because it’s only a repeat of the same quilt I have included another design which I feel is rather over the top lol! Firstly the Opposites Attract.

OppsAtt2 and now my Over The Top Quilt.


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