I was gifted some scraps and as I’ve always loved this block I decided to pair up the pieces and make a few 6 inch blocks.

I’ve made 24 so far with a few more half started. They are a lot of work so I decided to re-think my plan to make the best use of these time consuming little blocks. If I’m to make best use of these blocks I’m going to have to spread them out and I’ve thought about this option with applique in the centre.

Or this one, but does the applique dominate the blocks?

Oh no I can’t decide!

Just a variation on a theme!








Perhaps all this quilt needed was a different central design.

I’m loving it now. What about those corner blocks?

Time for a little play in EQ this afternoon.

Took me some time to figure out my ivy corner blocks. Not a bad design but I feel it could be better!

I quite like this one but wonder if the diamonds on the inside of the quilt might be a bit harsh.


Finally a chance to play.

Blue Eyes Lg (2)

Once you start designing things in Electric Quilt and your mind just wants to create you really can’t stop! I suppose you already know that though, don’t you?


I’ve had a thing for feathered designs recently and for some reason the heart shape has inspired me.

I know there is at least one free heart shape design out there for download but I wanted to create my own in Electric Quilt. I wanted the flexibility of being able to change the shape and style if I wanted to. I did draw my design out with pencil and paper first. I’ve been playing with different styles too!

It’s not a fast process but like everything else you definitely get better and faster as you go along.



I’ve finally finished my design and my quilt top. I must say it was great to get it finished and it was a great use of the monkey wrench blocks. I found I had to move the red out to the border as it just overpowered the tea towel image itself. The completed large monkey wrench blocks made a great finish to the design too!










My completed quilt top, as you can see is quite large and will fit my queen size bed perfectly.