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So feeling a little better today but didn’t finish anything I had hoped to but here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure anyway.

PICT0170Here are my blocks assembled and borders commenced – sorry the sun was shining this afternoon and left a white spot in the top left hand corner – don’t forget if you would like a similar free pattern visit  Becky or see the link in my sidebar.

Below is my Beginners’ Sampler quilt and some close up pictures of the quilting – I hope you can see clearly!




I left the blue lines so you could see the feathers stitched in the borders.

Ive decided as you’ve seen the above quilts in various stages of completion and might find it all a bit boring I have included a doodle I have been working on. As I looked at it I could see frogs and waterlilies – hope you enjoy it! This is the first of 3 variations.


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Apologies, I didn’t get round to photographing the quilting on my sampler quilt today. I was however working on assembling my Russian Sunflowers quilt top. Below is my final layout.  I was up to about 60 design options in EQ5 but in the end the KISS principle reigned supreme (keep it simple) and of course every time I stitched a seam together today it was either upsidedown or the wrong one altogether (Murphy’s Law), so I spent too much time undoing what I had already completed. With any luck I should have it fully assembled tomorrow – fingers crossed please.


Obviously I’m unwell and returned from the shops without the medication that had instigated the trip in the first place. Oh well tomorrow’s another day and with an early night I’m hoping to feel more energetic and motivated then.

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Today’s picture is of 6 of my completed blocks. Woo hoo that’s 6 down and 3 to go. The overall design looks smaller than I anticipated. I’m getting anxious to have this one completed.

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I have been working on the layout for my Russian Sunflower blocks and so far have come up with two options which I like. The first one is nice and simple and ‘achievable’. Oh they look nice don’t they?
Russian Sunflowers Option 1

Russian Sunflowers Option 1

The second one is very complicated and will require 40 foundation pieced blocks around the outside and will take so much longer to complete. You know which option I prefer don’t you? Trouble is I’m likely to get fed up with it and pop it back in the cupboard for another day.

Russian Sunflowers Option 2

Russian Sunflowers Option 2

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