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Yesterday I finally got around to basting a quilt which I need finished by the end of the month. Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants is there?

I decided to use a new tape I had bought specifically for securing the backing fabric to my tiled floor. Turns out it is duct tape, silly me. According to Wikipedia it will leave a sticky residue when removed. Don’t I know it! It left part of the fabric backing as well in some places. Took me about 15 minutes of hard rubbing with Sticky Spot and Goo Remover and Eucalyptus oil as well to get rid of it. Last night I still heard comments of ‘there’s something sticky on the floor over there’. lol The eucalyptus fumes coming from the cloth I used and placed in the laundry were so strong the cyclist complained his eyes were watering!

I’d need to be really desperate to ever use this tape again. Apparently gaffer tape will remove cleanly but I’m guessing I won’t come across any of that at the ‘right price’.

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