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If you like your quilts a little bit more contemporary in style then this one  is for you. The segments in the blocks follow a different path, albeit a traditional flying geese formation but vastly different from the usual block and the whole design is encompassed in a trailing flying geese border. The border looks great but it isn’t perfect yet – more work to do!


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Believe it or not this is the same positive block rotated and the centre coloured. I like this one. It is a very graphic design and looks amazing. Looks like fish to me. If I made this I would re-design the  block however, no need to have curves in the middle is there?


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In the first version I have used all negative blocks and  re-arranged them to design this.


and in this quilt I have used both positive and negative blocks


In both quilts I see apple cores and propellers!

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Moving the blocks around and playing with the positive/negative aspect will give you this quilt with 2 different colourways for your viewing pleasure.


The bottom quilt seems to have some movement and reminds me of propellers after staring at it for a little while.


I think my favourite is the bottom one.

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Hope you like the look of something a bit more contemporary. Not sure if you would actually call these pickle dishes or not but they are drawn using the same basic outline.


They appear to shimmer a bit don’t they?

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Mind your eyes, this one is a bit bright. In this version the arcs continue all the way around the outside.


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I love Pickle Dish Quilts and this version is straight out of the EQ5 library.

PickleDishVirtThis week is pickles week lol.

Hope you enjoy it!

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