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I’ve been nominated to quilt the border of a quilt for a woman who has been experiencing difficulties. I’ve gone back to my old free motion quilting design favourite of daisies, vines and loops. It really looks lovely and in this case adds a textural element to the polyester wadding. I don’t normally buy or use polyester wadding/batting. I don’t like it, it isn’t really great for machine quilting as it does not tend to ‘stick’ to the fabric and can create many challenges. I also find it tends to ‘stiffen’ with free motion quilting and loses its draping ability. It does however, make it easier for you to see my quilting in this intance. The border fabric¬† is pale mauve and I’m using a cream thread. I’ve decided to quilt a design in the 20 blocks as well to try and soften their differences, this may change if I run out of time patience but as I’ve already completed four blocks I don’t really think this will be an option.

There are a couple of free motion quilting quiltalongs running at the moment and I’m thinking about playing along. One is with SewCalGal and this month’s challenge is free motion plumes with Diane Gaudynski. I’m hoping to have time to ‘play’ with this idea later in the week.

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