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Following on from yesterday’s quilt, Jill had a query about how the scallop border was drawn in EQ. Here’s my reply to her and a couple of pictures for those of you thinking the same thing.

This quilt uses a simple Easydraw scallop unit (which is not the traditional applique scallop which is drawn in Patchdraw and uses the height to length ratio equation which becomes quite tricky). To my way of thinking, for this design it doesn’t really matter how you draw them as long as they are accurate and you can print out a template to assist you in the construction technique.

I started with a 5 x 5″ block in Easydraw. 5 snap to grid points horizontal and vertical. Drew an arc across at the 2″ and an arc at the 3″ mark and then inserted this into blocks around the outside of my quilt.

The corner blocks are also drawn with arcs started at the 2″ and 3″ marks but on adjacent sides. These arcs were then flattened out quite a bit!

ScalBorder copy

and the corner unit


I hope this is clear to all and helps those interested in The Scallop. lol

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