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Another finish. This is my second baby quilt prepared ‘in advance’ so to speak. When I hear the happy news from one of my nieces or nephews I’ll be prepared. I did give more than a casual thought to making more of these and trying them out on Etsy.  Anybody have have luck there?

Now back to some slicing and dicing, you know serious stuff! lol

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Baby Quilt

Finally I have finished the quilting on the baby quilt. I still have to bind it of course. I’ve purchased some of the red elephant fabric for the binding, should make great contrast and I really like it. In fact the whole range is really lovely, elephants, owls, monkeys and bees. I bought 5 fat quarters and decided on the Chinese Coins design.  To make the most of the fabric I decided to slice the strips into different widths. I have enough left to make another quilt as well. Something else for the to do list!

I was thinking of straight line sewing but I figured, even on a quilt this size, it would probably take me a week to complete it, so loops instead. Still nice and it does add a textural element as well.

Here’s a close-up of the elephants.


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With the addition of a new baby in the extended family I have been thinking about what type of design to make and have decided to ‘run’ with the Carpenter’s Wheel. I find this block has plenty of visual appeal even when made in a large size; mine will be 24″.

Not sure about the star sashings yet as I have been thinking about some foundation pieced letters with her name and date of birth instead. I’ll just have to get the blocks made and see how I go for time! When I made the 50th wedding anniversary quilt for friends a couple of years ago the foundation pieced letters took me about 5 days to make. They look great and certainly personalise a quilt but you begin to wonder why you thought it was such a good idea.

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