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There has been a lot of interest in red and white quilts since the exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum, Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts, last year. I am very fond of red and white as a quilt combo, I think all readers of my blog know that. I often design quilts with red as the feature fabric as well. Judy B the Virtualquilter has a selection of red and white quilts on her blog from time to time as well.

A couple of days ago I had another white/red quilt design on my blog, Red Sky At Night Quilt here and Judy B suggested, partially due to the name, I reverse the colours for fun, it is Electric Quilt after all and no hardship or fabric is harmed in the design process.

Here is my design, with Judy B’s favoured layout. It doesn’t look as impressive to me, perhaps it is the shade of red chosen, perhaps I am biased and it will grow on me, what do you think?

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Today I finished this block. I wasn’t sure how it would sit with the others but I think it is just gorgeous, I am very pleased with how it turned out and it’s a perfect size as well, what more could a patchworkers ask for? Quite a bit of work in this block with mitred seams and seam intersections to line up as well.


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