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Katy I’ve tried to leave a comment on your blog a couple of times to let you know I was joining in on your Quiltalong challenge but for some reason I can’t seem to leave a message.¬† I still think there is a some sort of conflict between WordPress and Blogspot.

Anyway, I’ve assembled the flimsy and this is a very large quilt top. There are some seam intersections that will need re-stitching (ugly gaps between rows), I’ve had to undo and redo a lot of seam intersections already and I’ve also found this ‘kiss’ of fabrics in the middle of the quilt top, there are a couple of others but they don’t stand out like this one does. I’ve really enjoyed using my fabric leftovers, borders, uglies and scraps in this quilt, it is lovely and I can highly recommend the process to anyone contemplating¬† joining in.

You can see how large this top is because when the washing line is fully wound up the bottom it still dragging on the ground.

I’ve really been working on this like a woman possessed well like a maniac really because I wanted to reduce the size of my scrap pile and I have a lot of other projects in the pipeline.

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