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I love stripes and mitred corners. Takes some skill but well worth it.

I’m also giving serious consideration to participating in a scrap quiltalong being hosted by Katy ( she’s a Ginger Monkey).  Katy’s suggesting ugly fabrics to make a thing of beauty. This really appeals to me and I do have some ugly fabrics. Perhaps I don’t have enough ugly fabrics so I’ll use some scraps and scraps of old backing fabrics as well. Although, the more I look at my fabrics I’ve come to realise many of my fabrics are in fact ugly. How ugly is ugly? The really ugly ones are difficult to find as they’re the ones pushed to the bottom of the fabric bins and you have to dig deep to find them.  I’ve also discovered it takes a long time to press and cut them and at least 49 different fabrics is a lot of fabrics.

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