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This week I’ve been working on a little quilt for the local hospital. I wanted to use some fabric strips I had cut but didn’t use on a previous project and I also wanted to try a different technique.

The beauty of this project is I’m making something useful and for a worthy cause, plus using some of my leftovers, plus using a technique I’ve been wanting to try – all in one little quilt which can be made and quilted and bound in one week – great.

My leftover strips were 1 1/2″ wide x wof (width of fabric) so I decided I would start with a piece of fabric  5″ square and set to work. Using my rotary cutter and ruler I slashed my fabric square in half at an odd angle and inserted a contrasting strip of fabric. Use a short stitch length and no pins required.

This quilt is also small enough to join some strips of leftover wadding/batting together, which I did – yippee another bonus.

Another great thing is this quilt is so small I can baste it on my kitchen bench. Fantastic I don’t have to get down on my hands and knees and my back won’t be killing me for the rest of the week-end!

You also need blocks in the opposite colourway for this design to work.

Then you slash your blocks in the opposite direction.

Then insert another strip. Use a short stitch length and no pins required  – very liberating. Pressing after every stage is important.

I found the more severe the angle the harder it is to line the halves up again. Normally if my blocks looked like this I would undo and line things up a bit better but in this design it doesn’t really matter – it all adds to the charm of the design. Lucky for me.

I then trimmed my blocks back to 5″ square.

Assemble your quilt top – a normal stitch length and pins required. Quilt as desired.

I’m quilting mine in an open swirl to soften the straight lines of the design.  I’m going to bind it in the blue fabric. This quilt measures 23″ square (around 24″ is the desired size). I’ll provide a picture of the completed item later. I’m meeting friends for a quilting day and hope to have the binding finished soon.

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