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The small quilt was nice but what about a larger quilt?


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Yay I’ve got a hard drive now, yippee!

Today’s quilt uses blocks once again from my applique folk art cd. May be the alternate blocks could have been more subtle – what do you think? Anyway I’m happy with it.


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It’s a finish. This project has been outstanding for some months now and yesterday I finally decided on how to finish quilting it. Binding completed as well! This is a small quilt (24in square) for the local (Blankets of Love I believe) hospital. I drew it up in EQ5 first to get all my measurements correct and then the rotary cutting instructions make it all so easy.



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If you like applique then this one’s for you.

Orange Peels

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I’m still waiting for my hard drive and I am becoming quite impatient!!

This design would also suit some fussy cut fabrics as well. 

Twisted Sister

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Today I picked a small leaf from the garden (the vine is trained over the top of our pergola) and traced it in EQ and turned it into this. We’re lucky to have any leaves at all as the possums just love them and eat them well before they mature. The leaf I chose was tiny and in an inconspicuous location.


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Is it Prosperity or is it Castle Wall? I’ve had a couple of these blocks on my design wall for about 12 months but I was never satisfied with my attempts at designing a setting for them. I would look at them occasionally and then wonder how I could design something more interesting. A few times over the last weeks I’ve thought about this layout and today I found the time to play in EQ and design it. I am very pleased with my innovative and unusual layout.

Propensity for Prosperity

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Sometimes it’s nice to have a subtle block in the background linking everything together. I think this design would also look great in a scrappy look. Both blocks in the EQ library – Corn and Beans and the Double Nine Patch. I think it’s an interesting combination.

Chained Beans

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As I’ve decided not to turn my computer on until my new hard drive arrives (Unless of course number 1 son forgets to pick one up for me) you’ll have to make do with some of my older designs sitting on our old computer instead. I don’t want to lose anything. I have been very naughty and madly designing quilts but no backing up of my valuable files. That will teach me won’t it?

Birds in the Air

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This block is actually called Rolling Stone but the X formation in the quilt reminded me of the kiss symbol .

Rolling Kisses

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