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The first quilt in a series. All these quilts are different in one way or another, be it the block in the middle or colour changes. I hope you don’t find it all too boring. I love to see the differences moving the colours around in a quilt can make!


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This quilt is a follow-on from my series of pickle dish blocks and quilts. Lots and lots of tiny foundation pieced segments.


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… and  sometimes I just like to see something simple – ahh so soothing!


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and following on from yesterday I decided to try this, still none of the original blocks in it though!


I think this is my favourite, I don’t mind this one at all.

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Then I decided I didn’t like the pinwheels in the borders so


but then I wanted to try an on-point setting – but now of course there’s none of the original block in the quilt anyway!


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Following a previous post about a block and quilt setting I wasn’t fond of here, Virtual Quilter had a post here about mixing up the blocks and suggested I mix it up a bit and use another block/s and try another setting. Here is my attempt. Not stunning but interesting.


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This started as yesterday’s block but I rotated the sections towards the middle and tried to design a border around the sashing elements. Still too heavy.


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