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This is a simple block but it makes a rather sweet quilt I think. I started making one of these many moons ago and pulled out the blocks (think tidying my sewing room lol) I had made previously to make a few more. I’m foundation piecing mine and when I went to print out a few more foundation patterns in EQ the printer decided to play up on me. I hope a new black ink cartridge will do the trick.


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I have another couple of pickle dish variations for you but I’ll leave them until next week as I’m sure you’ve had enough of them for the moment. Instead here is something I’ve been working on for a while. I did a version with the small triangles at the top and bottom in the border but they are very difficult to see so I haven’t included that version.


I’ve starting cutting out some patches to make one of these but this will be something that sits on the back burner for a while as I collect fabrics and check my stash. Mine won’t be in reproduction fabrics as I don’t actually have a lot of them.

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Moving the blocks around and playing with the positive/negative aspect will give you this quilt with 2 different colourways for your viewing pleasure.


The bottom quilt seems to have some movement and reminds me of propellers after staring at it for a little while.


I think my favourite is the bottom one.

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Hope you like the look of something a bit more contemporary. Not sure if you would actually call these pickle dishes or not but they are drawn using the same basic outline.


They appear to shimmer a bit don’t they?

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Mind your eyes, this one is a bit bright. In this version the arcs continue all the way around the outside.


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This is a version I have drawn in EQ5 and I like the style of it better. This also happens to be  a project I am currently working on. Mine is a scrappy version. Unfortunately I have misplaced 6 of the pieces and am searching through my work room trying to find them. I do not want to sew them again!


This is a foundation pieced project and you will need to be an experienced patchworker to complete one of these but if you’re keen there is a  PDF file of  my block  here.

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I love Pickle Dish Quilts and this version is straight out of the EQ5 library.

PickleDishVirtThis week is pickles week lol.

Hope you enjoy it!

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