Archive for May 8th, 2009

Apologies, I didn’t get round to photographing the quilting on my sampler quilt today. I was however working on assembling my Russian Sunflowers quilt top. Below is my final layout.  I was up to about 60 design options in EQ5 but in the end the KISS principle reigned supreme (keep it simple) and of course every time I stitched a seam together today it was either upsidedown or the wrong one altogether (Murphy’s Law), so I spent too much time undoing what I had already completed. With any luck I should have it fully assembled tomorrow – fingers crossed please.


Obviously I’m unwell and returned from the shops without the medication that had instigated the trip in the first place. Oh well tomorrow’s another day and with an early night I’m hoping to feel more energetic and motivated then.

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